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Since releasing the highly acclaimed ‘Des Grains’ EP back in September of 2017, Barow has decided to take a step back from the scene and the name Barow itself. We are sad to see Barow go, and wish him well on his new endeavours into other musical territories. However in light of this Nostro Hood System are set to release two remixes from two European artists – each respectively taking one of the original tracks from the ‘Des Grains’ EP and recreating it into something of their own.

Our pick of the pair is the Astral Plane/Cartridge Material producer Nunu remix. Adding an abrasive charm to ‘Des Grains’, saturation takes precedence in the Parisian based artists composition. This creates a highly theatrical theme with the haunting synth chords. This is annihilated by the mechanical drum sequence that destroys the latter of this unsettling experience.

Barow ‘Des Grains’ remixes will be released digitally on March 9th.

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Published 2 years ago

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