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Simply Deep make their return after a brief absence with the long awaited release of ‘That North’ from founder Aerotonin. Often with one track remix EP’s the majority of the content can either seem rushed or often get lost as filler. However with this collection the original pulse driven breaksy composition seems to have had so many variable remix options that the entire project sits in perfect cohesion.

Farsight’s remix of ‘That North’ comes with high impact firing out an even more pulsey recreation lined with unpredictable percussion and almost juke like vocal stabs. The EP also features tracks from Tsundr, Sheik & Maribor.

Overall this is another very creative collection of works from the extended Simply Deep family, utilising every element of the original and recreating to full effect.

 ‘That North’ will be available on July 17th exclusively via junodownload and then followed everywhere else on the 25th.

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Published 2 years ago

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