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The Parisian collective/label Abîme are releasing a new compilation entitled ‘Vertige’ at the end of the week. A word with many different uses in French, ‘Vertige’ can represent vertigo, lightheartedness, pride or a spell. Much like the maluable meaning of the word, productions by artists like Chams, Ytem and Ptwiggs found on the comp’s track-listing have a thrilling disregard for genre of conventional ‘form’.

Long-time Insert favourite Nunu creates a striking piece of minimalist melancholia with his contribution, ‘XCV’. An almost-perfect fit to soundtrack the Earth crumbling in the climax of an apocalyptic movie, fragments of serene piano melodies struggle to resist unavoidable annihilation at the hands of Nunu’s drumwork.

‘Vertige’ is available digitally from 14 June.


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Published 6 months ago

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