Release date: Oct 8, 2012

Grime luminary PJam continues his resurgence to the genre with an eagerly awaited instrumental EP that sees the producer experiment with a variety of sonic elements and rhythmic templates.  After last years re-release of Anger Management on Terror Danjah’s Hardrive imprint, he has now focused his attention on his own label BeatCamp, which will be home for his new productions and the Oxygen EP marks the first instrumental-based release on the label.

Fusing carnival-esque breaks that are usually associated with UK Funky, the ferocious Bubble Bum is a rollercoaster of bongo drums, high-pitched synths and syncopated percussion. Aggressive as much as it is dancefloor-friendly it’s a myriad of twists and turns with the composition of sounds switching rapidly, all of which gives it serious potential to be a staple in the clubs for the coming months.

Quantum takes things into 8-bar grime territory with instantly gratifying drum stabs and futuristic synth melodies that are reminiscent of the purple sound of Bristol and the early grime sounds of Wizzbit aka Geeneus circa 2003. However PJam makes the track his own as his sinister chord progression gives the cut a narrative and his use of euphoric synths have made this something that wouldn’t sound out of place in an early 90’s Sega Mega Drive computer game.

The EP ends on a sombre and melancholic note with the deep and emotive SkyBoy – where the rough meets the smooth for some truly entertaining results. Touching upon elements of dubstep with a sauntering and atmospheric intro that explodes into a flurry of heavy drum breaks and snares, it’s akin to the funk-infused grime exploits of Swindle but propelled by PJam’s Jungle-inspired drum programming.

The Oxygen EP acts as a succinct introduction to the sounds of the North London based producer and will be the first of many instrumentals that will be finally be unleashed from the elusive producers’ archives.

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