“In quick succession to his Tessier-Ashpool junglist reinvention via the “Emphasis” EP, Otik follows up with companion piece “Strangelove” – a statement of his versatility, and of the liminal variety possible within the framework of 130-ish BPM breaks-led electronic compositions.

Operating on the boundary between a fragmented grime take and a rolling jungle stepper, opener “Glimpse” is as stammering as its telltale vocal sample, urging listeners to “do a double take”… and leading by example, it proceeds to constantly fracture and reassemble itself in real time.

Follow-up “Futile” is most reminiscent to Otik’s own previous “Emphasis” (the track this time), or the efforts of the likes of Mella Dee or Benton – reese-based soliloquys, as effortlessly melodic and soulful as they are (put simply) dark and hardcore.

“Bulldog” returns to the call-of-response of “Glimpse”, this time eschewing shrapnel dynamics for hypnotic diva/amen counterpoint.

Lastly, title track “Strangelove” brilliantly weaves together Motown soul piano samples with ragga glossolalia and heavy breakage, serving as a sort of recursive anthem to black music.
Nothing strange about the love we got for this one.”

Otik ‘Strangelove’ EP is set for release digitally on July 24th

Words by Infinite Machine.
Artwork by Danny Watson.


1. Glimpse
2. Futile
3. Bulldog
4. Strangelove


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Published 4 years ago

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