The 25th release from transnational label Brother Sister Records comes from one of their own founders Okey Szoke. With four original tracks and two reworks this EP is packed with Baile Funk acapelas and bubbles from the Brazillian Funk sound, with our favourite coming in the form of a tasty grime remix from Australian producer Strict Face available for your listening pleasure above.

Here’s a voluptuous description of the environment Szoke recorded in. “The EP was recorded in Namibia in between field trips to remote desertous locations, ghost towns, sand dune clusters, vast canyons and regular interactions with flocks of oryxes and springboks.” Nice right?

Available for purchase January 15.


1. Okey Szoke – Mahangu
2. Okey Szoke – Crew Montagem (Ft. DJ Kleva Kaslam)
3. Okey Szoke – Broetchen (Dedicado Ao Ricardo & LK)
4. Okey Szoke – Strepsils
5. Okey Szoke – Mahangu (Nidia Minaj FIRE Remix)
6. Okey Szoke – Crew Montagem (Strict Face’s Expedition Remix)


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Published 4 years ago

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