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In 2016, NKC began Even the Strong with the intention of bringing together relatively new DJs and producers working at the crossover between tribal house, UK funky, dutch house, kuduro and other drum-heavy genres. Doing away with eclecticism, the idea was that the highly percussive 130bpm club sound that MM, NKC, Superficie, Tash LC, DJ JM and many others were playing and making would be tested, built up and developed in front of a solid crowd of dancers. At some point in the process, the term ‘hard drum’ emerged as a jokey shorthand for the sound, and has now firmly stuck.

These three tracks were developed in 2016 and became set-staples at the parties. The title track ‘HD Anthem’ is just that – a hard drum anthem – combining rugged tribal house hits, tuned perx pushed just off the grid, and the rattle of chain-link fences. ‘Next Life’ centres around a hypnotic crash processed to an extreme crescendo, before breaking out into a brutal tom loop. ‘Codeine Crash’ samples the robotic dembow roll of Akito’s 2016 track Codeine Claps, phasing it and layering with hard cracks to create a whipped back groove.

NKC’s HD Anthem will be released digitally on March 26th.


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Published 1 year ago

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