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The 2nd release of 2018 on Gang Fatale is the first solo project from founding member Neana (on the Trak)

Following the lounge album Portal, the label returns to the natural environment of The Club. Two long-awaited Fatale classics come in the form of Neana’s ‘Private Joke’ and ‘Scrub’ with a video by Jungle Joe.

Private Joke is a rendition of Ms Jackson’s Control, syncopated snares, toms and pastel synth chops scrap over a constantly rotating 8 bar structure. An intense sense of nostalgia is executed within JJ’s video: concise or lost memories are warped through hazy filters of shapeshifting colour, reflecting the fast paced but personal attitude of track 1.

Track 2 ‘Scrub’ is a drum machine workout heading straight for dance club euphoria. Mimicking the rolling structure instigated by Private Joke, Scrub denies all melodic elements to allow the clientele to present their own tonality with confidence. Crashing and burning for over 5 minutes of action!!! , Scrub embodies utopian big room ambitions for dystopian futures.

Art & Video by Jungle Joe.

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Published 12 months ago

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