Here’s what to expect from B.YRSLF’s new signature, Lumumba. It’s all about breaking barriers and pushing the envelope for Soul music. Lumumba has an attachment to roots of music through drums, it’s this attachment that serves as a constant and common inspiration for their work. Eight years of alchemy from three entities who have never accepted to fill into a box.
This seven-track EP is the first full scale project to blossom from the land of the cursed, paying tribute to figures & inspirations who have never accepted compromises.
This is what Lumumba is truly all about : to be free from the constraints of genres

BYRSLF022 | LUMUMBA – Tantalum EP
out April 1st on B.YRSLF’s Bandcamp + all the usual stores

Artwork: Simon Bernheim

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Published 5 years ago

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