Visionist’s Lost Codes label puts out its sixth release with LOLGurlz & The Oracle on track.

Lost Codes poses many questions with this release which they’ve outlined in this statement;

“What is fine art? What happens when street music and web based concepts collide? When you’ve influenced Internet culture, musical acts, and visual artists, and haven’t had a proper release, what’s your next move? Perhaps joining forces with the darkest standout label of the year, Lost Codes Records.

Red Pill & Blue Pill is a study of choice. Lost in the maze of modern culture, social media, and rapidly developing technology, what remains of the human condition? How many selfies do you need to take to cover your shattered, depleted emotional state? How many likes does your status need for you to feel okay with today?

The world is evolving at a breakneck pace. Humans now have more choices than ever before. On the cusp of redefining what is real and what is virtual, creation is at our fingertips. Now is the time. Red Pill & Blue Pill is offering you the suggestion to look around and inspect the world around you. Is this really evolution? Is this a brave new world or are we in the next dark age?”


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Published 6 years ago

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