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Young Parisian producer Le Dom has a new EP on Paradoxe Club – a new instalment in the Bérite Club style he’s been known for since last year along Sunareht, De Grandi and Teki Latex.
Highly percussive and rich with dark, uncoated materials, Castle Owner is all about loop worship, repetition fetish and demanding body-mechanics. Between the layers of the building, there are flashes of UK garage, Dutch hardcore, electro-techno from Detroit via Grenoble, German big room tech-house and contemporary post-regional club sub-genres such as coupé-décalé or B-More house.

But the result doesn’t sound like a derivative blend, a complex hybrid thing : it’s more like a mysterious active zone where those past and present references have their DNAs mutated. You can actually hear the mutation : brutal stops, sharp accelerations, sound blocks battling each other and morphing into something you can’t really recognize but yet feel remotely familiar. A black and grey monster made for wintery dancefloors and headphone-enchanced walks into ice cold nights.

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Published 1 year ago

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