Insert guest mix for Wizard Sleeve’ radio show on Kane FM, mixed by cass and Graphik.

A solid depiction of the sound Insert is pushing. Thirty minutes of club focused vinyl and unreleased tracks.


Vissacoor/Ciara – Spectral Evidence/Body Party (TF Edit)
Mumdance & Logos – In Reverse PIV [Keysound]
Egyptrixx – Adult (Helix Bootleg) [Night Slugs WL]
Neana – Yeezus [Unreleased]
Jam City – Garlands [Night Slugs CC]
Trap Door – LuvThang (Gang Fatale Relick) [Unreleased]
Kalli – Dissociation 101 [Unreleased]
Hysterics – Code Switch (Club Mix) [Night Slugs CC]
Dreams – Reality Check
Nguzunguzu – Harp Bell [Fade To Mind]
East Connection – We’re Ready (Devil Mix) [East Iz East]
Trap Door – Chaka [Unreleased]
Logos – Menace [Keysound]
Ra’s Al – Ha! Braque Got Jawbroken Pantyman [Unreleased]
Egyptrixx – Water (Reduced) [Night Slugs WL]
Deamonds – Through [East London Club Trax]

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Published 5 years ago

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