House of Trax fourth release comes from the bossman Rushmore with this, his third in the series and his most accomplished yet. Released on a very limited press of vinyl, it’s sure to show Rushmore’s knack for getting the most out of those kicks whilst letting those synths and bells slice the air.

A definite DJs producer, he makes those tracks thats fit into any set that you can’t wait to drop. It’s mad to see the consistency he keeps with each release considering the high volume of tracks he puts out. This guys a machine. A musical machine that spits out a baking hot disk of wax at the end.

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Rushmore – Paladium
Rushmore – Highroad
Rushmore – NPG
Rushmore – Silent Melody
Rushmore – She Wants [Digital Exclusive]

Released October 20. Instant download of ‘She Want’s with every order.

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Published 4 years ago

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