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The London-based French born multi-discipllinary DJ/Producer/Bassist HNRO is one of South East London’s fastest growing producers to spark up in 2016. Making his first entrance into Soundcloud’s online community through his collaborations with close collaborator and Merci Jitter co-founder Daniel Ness involving highly Jazz infused bass lines and intelligent co-production, he’s finally began to release original creations via his Soundcloud attracting attention and support from Darker Than Wax, First Ear, DJ Complexion, Soulection DJ Hannah Faith …

As mentioned above, HNRO is a multi-disciplinary with a real thirst to advance, fusion and transcend through diverse scenes either through his musically technical skills, clean cut productions or through his DJ sets. This release represents HNRO’s welcoming track to the collective’s artist roster (which will be celebrated on the 30th of July at The Alibi for Merci Jitter 1st ‘Family Affairs’ night) as well as Merci Jitter’s 6th instalment towards their ‘Variations’ series.

In HNRO’s words ‘Faraba’ is a melting pot of influences blending Trap, Club, Grime, Techno & Vogue into one cohesive track, with positively oppressing percussions and unapologetic low-end frequencies contrasting various rhythmical patterns giving it a restlessly satisfying feel.

HNRO ‘Faraba’ will be available as a digital download on the 24th of July.


Merci Jitter
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Published 3 years ago

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