After about 10 months since to original release of GROVESTREET – Structures we have now been treated to a full remix release with a load of our favourite artists on board.

Beginning with Strict Face‘s euphoric take on ALtar’s which wouldnt go amiss amongst the ‘Peace Edits’ we’ve heard come from this talented producer of late.

M.E.S.H then delivers his powerful sub heavy outlook on ‘Ground Zero’, which could only be at home in the dark pits of an underground club atmosphere. This same track is then flipped on its head by Byrell The Great. Bringing out an all together more up tempo side of the track.

The remixes release is then rounded of by two producers we have a lot of time for Morcee & 199?. Who also remixed probably our favourite track off the original release ‘Intrusions’ adding more layers to support and further enhance what could already be established as a very grimy track.