Presenting the third instalment of our Pleasures & Qs series.
Dimension visual by Seedy
Created & mastered by Gang Fatale

Gang Fatale will also have a full squad in check for their 2nd Club Fatale night at Rye Wax on Friday 18th September.


1 Introduction [Basile]
2 Crucial Intel [Basile, Neana]
3 Bowness Pier Workout [Trap Door, Neana]
4 Vanilly Styles [Simon Divine, Trap Door]
5 Désirs Électriques [Kieran Loftus, Basile]
6 Rosetta [Clara La San, Riz Fresco, Basile]
7 Poppin [Bleaker, Basile]
8 Mad Jawnz [Kieran Loftus, Trap Door]
9 Back of the Arch [Bleaker, Neana]
10 Fatal Guys [Sheen]
11 Fatal Feels [Riz Fresco]
12 Premium Cream [Simon Divine, Neana]
13 Blue Coat [Riz Fresco, Kieran Loftus, Basile]

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Published 3 years ago

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