Australia’s Galtier has been bubbling up for months now. His official debut was marked by a track on a B. YRSLF Compilation and an EP for Car Crash Set some time ago. He then offered an EP on Files Rec. and a string of remixes before laying this beautiful collection upon our ears.

Main10 as a whole is a journey into unique club compositions with masterful low end depth and unrelenting percussive elements. The release runs the gamut of influences between parisian dancefloor tracks and UK funky nostalgia while completely separating itself from the current neonized style of the Australian scene. It’s a brave move for young Galtier.

The EP is complimented by reworks from Night Slugs All-Star Helix, Tectontic staple Distal & Audio Culture Label’s Presk. Each taking their respective remix into a world of its own while keeping the elements of the originals in mind.

Galtier is a name to watch and this EP is a necessity for aspiring producers, dj’s or true electronic music heads of all kinds.


Sleep Vessel
Dark Style 99
Main10 (Helix Remix)
Chalice (Distal Remix)
Sleep Vessel (Presk Remix)

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Published 4 years ago

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