Florentino sets up his debut release’Tu y Yo’ on Swing Ting adding to an already formidable string of releases from the label.

The EP doesn’t feature a single remix but instead is a five track deep EP each bringing those latin slow jam dancehall sounds that are becoming highly associated with Florentino’s productions.

Our stand out track so far from the EP would have to be ‘Perdido’ with just too much bounce and groove for you not to start moving to. That also coupled with soothing vocals bringing the whole composition together.

‘Tu y Yo’ has already received wide support from the likes of Bok Bok, Dubbel Dutch & Zora Jones to name a few and will available to buy this Friday November 13th.


1. Mamasota
2. Llamada
3. Split in 2
4. Domina
5. Perdido


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Published 3 years ago

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