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Following on from ‘Goers’, which was released late last year on East London Club Trax. Deamonds the man behind the whole label is now set to put out a solo 3 track EP entitled ‘Revz’.

This is definitely one release that has had a fair few producers chomping at the bit to get their hands on it (us included). The first track opens up with the stripped back drums we so often associate with a Deamonds production. It also features a sample lifted off the previously released Deamonds & Neana  ‘Little While’.

‘Revz’ then continues into a slightly more complex structure of the East London Club Trax sound with both ‘Binbag’ and ‘Kiss’. But they none the less stay routed into the drum essence and tie in neatly with the opening track to form an all round solid latest addition to the now well established imprint.

Deamonds ‘Revz’ will be available to buy on July 29th via all Major outlets.


1. Revz 2
2. Binabg
3. Kiss


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Published 3 years ago

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