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Following a collaborative EP between Invader Space & Aubrey Trnql and a solo Daffy EP earlier this year, Bristol’s Pear Drops return with their third instalment of R&G cuts for 2018. This time Mordecai, a producer whose Soundcloud has no shortage of ridiculous radio rips to drool over, has collaborated on a 4-track of wifey tunes with label co-owner, Daffy, entitled ‘Midnight Club EP’.

Release opener ‘South Beach’ stands out from the slew of “chopped-up” R&G edits out there by maintaining pace and interest throughout the production whilst still keeping true to the 90s R&B sound it samples. It’s also hard not to bob your head and smile when you put it on!

‘Midnight Club EP’ will be available digitally from 27th November (complete with jaw-dropping artwork courtesy of Rachel Noble).


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Published 10 months ago

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