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Boxed present the second instalment in their label series, four tracks from the club’s extended family tree, representing the full spectrum of sound you might encounter at one of their parties or weekly radio sets.

Boxed co-founder Logos leads the EP with his hardcore-influenced twist on one of the classic grime templates with Marked 4 Death Gunman. Gobstopper’s Iglew brings the emotional content with his bittersweet meditation ‘Lullaby’. Kicking off the B-side, Spooky and Boylan make the East/South connection with the superior rollidge of ‘Peckham to Hackney’. Completing the platter up and coming producer Jawside‘s contribution ‘Blurred Rain’ updates the sino-grime sound, merging wave after wave of abstract eastern percussion in to a hyper-effective angular dancefloor bomb.

BOXED002 will be out on the 10th of June in digital and vinyl format.


A1. Logos – Marked 4 Death Gunman
A2. Iglew – Lullaby
B1. Spooky & Boylan – Peckham to Hackney
B2. Jawside – Blurred Rain


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