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Having been almost year since the last Tight Knit release from Grovestreet, it’s needless to say that we’ve been itching to hear more from the London based label.

They have truly delivered on all bases with this five track EP ‘Pleasure Pending’ from the Dalston Dipper himself Akito.

Our personal pick from the EP has to be the mesmerically melodic ‘Degrade Gracefully (Templeton Closer Mix)’, which sits in stark contrast to the more club bound ‘Catching Feels’.

Akito ‘Pleasure Pending’ EP will be released digitally on February 5th.


  1. Catching Feels
  2. Resolutions Per Visit
  3. Degrade Gracefully (Templeton Closer Mix)
  4. Codeine Claps
  5. Degrade Gracefully
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Published 2 years ago

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